Views are used to display content on screen. Views haves position, size, and several other properties. Views can contain other views views — similar to layer groups in Photoshop or 'div' elements on the web.

Color Views

This patch draws a solid rectangle on screen.

Image View

This patch draws an image to the screen. To import an image, drag it from Finder onto the Form document.


Each view can contain other views. Contained views are called subviews and are positioned relatively to their parent view's position. Double-click on the patch to enter inside. Views created inside will be treated as subviews.

View Order

Each view is assigned a view index. Views with higher view indices are displayed in front of views with lower view indexes. The view indices of all the views are shown in the View Hierarchy section of the Properties sidebar.

Superview Variables

The Superview Variables patch outputs properties of the parent superview such as its position and size. At the root level, this patch outputs the device's screen dimensions.