Material Design

Material patches are building blocks that let you create prototypes with the material design spec in mind. Many of the material patches are group patches and can be entered and customized. A few of these patches are described below - be sure to check out the material section in the Patch Library to see the whole set.


Patches like the App Bar, Media Card, and Floating Action Button and others allow you to quickly add the right material components to your prototype.

You can use the Material Color Palette patch to choose colors from the material design color palette, and the Material Icon patch to instantly get the images from the material design system icon set.


Material patches for common motion curves are included. There is also support for the Radial Reveal fill transition.

Material View

The Material View represents a piece of material as specified in material design. Its shape can vary between a rectangle and a circle by rounding its corners. Material also has shadows and responds to touch interactions with a ripple animation.